Ancient Woodland Appeal Decisions

We are highly experienced in Ancient Woodland planning consultancy and appeals. We have worked on many cases and have attached related appeal decisions for client information.

Boughton Lane Maidstone – In a precedent-setting decision, the Secretary of State accepted his Inspector’s findings on ancient woodland that upheld the case advanced by FLAC Principal Julian Forbes-Laird, and Aspect Ecology Principal Alistair Baxter

Cowdale – Insertion of an HGV access road through ancient woodland. Appeal dismissed, though FLAC arguments on ancient woodland matters accepted. Christopher Boyle QC

Marringdean Road – Residential development within recently harvested woodland protected by TPO, adjacent to ancient woodland, the site being itself later claimed in evidence to be ancient woodland. Appeal allowed. Christopher Boyle QC

Sibly Hall Mast – Insertion of telecoms mast into ancient woodland. Appeal allowed. Chris Young

Stifford Road – Insertion of 1000 lorry-per-day HGV access through derelict ancient woodland with restorative mitigation proposed. Appeal dismissed, through FLAC arguments on ancient woodland matters accepted. Christiaan Zwart

Clear View Farm Heathfield – Development of existing site and equestrian facilities for residential dwellings. Appeal dismissed

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