Safety Inspections & Risk Management

Lead by an internationally recognized expert on tree safety, we provide you with the best possible advice on tree safety and risk management.

British Standard on Tree Safety Inspection
FLAC’s Principal Consultant, Julian Forbes-Laird, was senior technical editor for the draft of BS8516 ‘Recommendations for Tree Safety Inspection’, first suggested to BSI by JFL in 2003.

Safety inspection diseased tree

Safety Inspections and risk management

From the Principal to all members of the field survey team, FLAC tree assessors are amongst the most highly qualified in UK arboriculture.

While a number of larger consultancies use students and other semi-qualified surveyors, all FLAC surveys and inspections are undertaken by people qualified to at least NQF Level 6.

We provide you with a highly accurate assessment of tree health and structural integrity, based on an advanced familiarity with the techniques of Visual Tree Assessment and supported, where necessary, by use of electronic decay mapping equipment.

In addition, the Principal has developed a peer reviewed and widely used method for quantifying the risk posed by trees identified as having structural defects: click here to download THREATS and its accompanying Guidance Note for Users.

Accident Investigation
JFL has considerable experience of forensic accident investigation, including in fatal cases. He specialises in reconstructing the sequence of tree failure as an accurate guide to foreseeability and close-focus document analysis (click here to go to our Expert Witness section).

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