Subsidence Cracked WallWe help you to resist the removal of healthy trees implicated in subsidence damage by flimsy evidence.

Innocent until proven guilty
For several years, we have been advocating the need for accurate identification of ‘guilty’ trees; we reject wholeheartedly the ‘scorched earth’ policy adopted by some consultancies in subsidence cases.

This has led to many instructions where implicated trees have been shown not to have been causal agents, and also cases where felling ‘guilty’ trees would actually have made matters worse.

As a result, FLAC has the reputation of being tree defenders in subsidence cases, where all too often the broad brush approach to the problem apparently preferred by others is refined by us down to targeted tree removal, or to cases of mistaken identity.

In addition to numerous domestic and professional clients, JFL has undertaken subsidence-related work for several local authorities, including:

  • Cambridge City Council
  • Cheltenham Borough Council
  • East Dorset District Council
  • Westminster City Council

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