What we don’t do

Butchered TreeWe never lose interest in client outcomes.

And we don’t:

  • Pile it high and sell it cheap: look what happened to Woolies
  • Operate a cost-driven business model that relies on barely qualified people: our clients need experts, not trainees
  • Attend meetings simply to build up fees (too busy!)
  • Compromise our professional integrity by defending the indefensible
  • Say ‘next week’ when really we mean ‘next month’
  • Let our clients walk into ambushes at planning application
  • Go into bat with anyone else’s data: if you want FLAC, we have to start from scratch
  • Provide ‘subsidence risk assessment’ reports for mortgage purposes
  • Undertake tree work: we are consultants, not contractors
  • Work for nothing: please do not instruct us if our terms of business are unacceptable (click here to download them)